Essay On Hospice To Palliative Care

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1. Compare hospice to palliative care and describe the similarities and differences of the two in terms of community health nursing. (12 pts) Palliative care is used when someone is diagnosed with a serious or chronic illness and they are having side effects from the illness and are nearly at the end of their life, they will need to be referred to palliative care to help them in relieving and preventing the suffering. Palliative care is not limited it can be conservative or aggressive. Hospice care is when a person has a terminal illness that is advanced and there is no more cure or treatment, and are going to die in six months or less they then refer to Hospice care to attend their emotional and spiritual needs and helps to relieve their suffering and improve their quality of life. (12 pts). Explain what resources are available in each area? Palliative care the resources are doctors, nurse and social work, pharmacist and dieticians. Hospice resources are doctor’s nurses, pharmacist, dietician, social workers, spiritual care, and bereavement care to provide support for the individ...

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