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Corporate social responsibility defined by many throughout history has a multitude of meanings; essentially it’s the concept of ensuring that corporations are aware of their social responsibilities and maintaining a positive effect on society. The importance of this concept differs from one organisation to another. From a young age I have heavily been involved in horseracing due to my families involvement in the sport, although I thoroughly enjoy horse racing, I am left bewildered by the British Horseracing Authority (BHA) regarding their approach to corporate social responsibilities. The BHA is the only regulator in the UK and claim that they are “committed to their corporate social responsibilities”. However the BHA are fronted with many significant ethical dilemma’s proceeding throughout their organisation, among which are the effect gambling has on society and the welfare of the horses used in this sport. Normative ethics can be expressed by multiple aims and theories helping to measure actions taken and evaluating if they are right or wrong. This essay seeks to identify differe...

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