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With so many national tragedies, calamities, disasters, and political controversies, 2017 turns out to be a very stressful year for a lot of people. It is the reason why horror movies are a hit at the box office, sociologists say.
Startle and horror distracts people from daily thoughts and concerns, Dr. Margee Kerr, a sociologist who specializes in fear, said. By watching horror movies like “Happy Death Day” – which earned $733 million at the box office – people are completely in the moment and feel powerful. The author of “Scream: Chilling Adventures in the Science of Fear” explained those feelings to the cascade of chemicals released in times of threat.
Daily stresses
She added that engaging in activities such as watching horror films and visiting haunted houses reprioritize the everyday stresses that freak people out such as bills to pay, the future of the nation’s
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Rather, these are compelling films with good acting and well-written script that people talk about these movies. He noted that a good word of mouth draws more people to see the film.
Confronting the danger of growing up
Kerr observed the timeliness of the current crop of scary movies. She cited “It” which encourages moviegoers “to confront the dangers of growing up while looking back at their childhood fears with nostalgia.”
She also pointed to “Get Out” for tackling the racial divide the US is in. Kerr said that horror films are a way for society to talk about, share, educate, and shine light on the biggest fears of society. The movie reflected the very real and lived sentiment of many, specifically the abusive and inhumane treatment of black Americans. The sociologist noted that the abuse is not only condoned by whites but even approach the situation with an air of arrogance, levity, and entitlement which look invisible to all, except those who receive their ill-treatment.
The appeal of horror
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