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Kevin Ho (C02335428)
Professor Corine Sutherland
PHIL 115 – Logic and Critical Thinking
17 May 2014
Argumentative Paper: Homosexuality is Natural
In just the last 50 years, gay marriage and more specifically, homosexuality, has made great strides in social reform. For example, as of May 2014, 18 states in the United States have legalized same-sex marriage with some other states allowing same-sex unions. The main issue during these last 50 years is the debate between fundamentalists and scientists who argue the controversial debate of nature vs. nurture. Some fundamentalists argue that homosexuality is a lifestyle choice. Conversely, some scientists argue that homosexuality is biologically-determined in the womb due to genes or hormones. Moreover, research conducted by the journal Science and other sources will be examined within this paper that denotes that homosexuality is biologically-determined. This paper will argue that homosexuality is natural. The crux of the issue is that homosexuality is natural due its biological roots and ancestry in humans and animals.
Humans are essentially complex animals and animals form the backbone of what humans evolved from. Researchers in the University of Oslo has found that homosexuality is predominant in the animal kingdom with a recorded amount of over 1500 animals who engage in same-sex activities (M. News, 2006). Animals exhibit the most pure form of natural instincts. Stigma is a big concern in human life as humans collectively decide which acts are deemed in tune with society. Homosexuality is exhibited and is essential in the lives of some animal species, therefore homosexuality holds ancestry from the animal kingdom and thus is natural. Homosexuality would be unnatural if...

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...rebrums that prove that homosexuality is a biologically determined factor. Thinking critically upon the supposed issue of homosexuality, at the end of the day, homosexuals and heterosexuals are all people. People who have the same thought processes, wills to live, and people who need to eat, breathe, and sleep. Since homosexuals were not given the choice to choose their social role in society (which is on the end of the ladder), homosexuals should not be defined by their social upbringing or by their environment -- an environment that rejects them. Having the mentality that homosexuality is grounded in biological determination, society will be able to foster the growth of humanity solely. Homosexuality is natural due to this biological determinism and the fact that it is grounded in our history, our genes, and evident in the animal society surrounding us.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that homosexuality has made great strides in social reform in the last 50 years. fundamentalists and scientists argue the controversial debate of nature vs. nurture.
  • Explains that homosexuality is prevalent in the animal kingdom with a recorded amount of over 1500 animals who engage in same-sex activities.
  • Explains that homosexuality has been recorded for as long as human history was established. in ancient greece, men were married to women, but same-sex relationships occurred concurrently.
  • Explains that karen hooker facilitated the first psychological test that was done to test for biological determinism in homosexuality.
  • Explains that hormones produced in the womb can have an effect on future sexual preference. homosexuality stems from the origins of birth where conscious activity is highly inept.
  • Explains that j. michael bailey and richard pillard studied homosexuality between twins, mz (identical) and dz.
  • Argues that homosexuality is natural because it occurs on a biological basis, rather than socially.
  • Argues that homosexuality is the result of environmental factors such as childhood patterns of play, early peer interactions, parental treatment of their children, and gender roles in the family.
  • Explains that the parental manipulation theory was challenged by a case study done on david reimer.
  • Argues that homosexuality is a biologically determined factor and that society can foster the growth of humanity.
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