Essay On Homosexuality

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It is a common thought in most of us that the human race nowadays in generally acceptance of homosexuals, however there is still a vast majority of christian people who still, in this day and age, think it is a sin. Since the thousands of years ago, christians have believe that being homosexual is a sin and is unnatural, some people say that it’s about time they accept them. However in other parts of the world there is still a lot of discrimination towards homosexuals, currently in Russia gays are facing mass discrimination that ends in all kinds of horrible consequences. In this essay I will explain points relating to Christian views on homosexuals, what consequences homosexuals face because of these views, which countries is this most a problem in, how bad is this problem in Hong Kong, along with comparing these issues to that of other forms of discrimination from other parts of the world. In the 21st century there are an increasing number of homosexuals coming out and standing up for themselves, so I believe this issue needs to be looked at in depth, are the Christians right to st...

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