Essay On History Of Astronomy

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For several thousand years, mankind has looked at the sky and inquired about the workings of the universe. Many early cultures abstained from developing technologies to examine the cosmos because of their belief in the existence of an all-powerful, unpredictable god that controlled existence. However, some ancient cultures have evidence of their early astronomical findings. For example, the Chinese have records dating back to 1300s B.C. Around 750 B.C., Babylonian’s discovered the 18.6 year cycle in the rising and setting of the moon and compiled almanacs to predict eclipses. Around 600 B.C., the Greeks began to develop an interest in astronomy. The Greeks happened to be the main source of authority when it came to astronomy. The ideas and findings made by Greek philosophers spread and became widely accepted. The Greeks were first to discover that the Earth was spherical, and a particular Greek astronomer named Eratosthenes even measured the circumference of the Earth and the tilt of the Earth’s axis with incredible accuracy. Around 150 A.D., and astronomer named Ptolemy invented the...

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