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Driving down a road and having to constantly switch from one radio station to another can end up being quite a frustrating experience. With the choice of music that is presented to us, whether in our vehicles or in any portable devices, we are faced with either the exceedingly far left side that is country music or the exceedingly far right side that is hip hop music. Western Country music usually gets linked with an image of a redneck, relaxing on a porch, and having a beer with the tune of a banjo playing in the background. Hip hop music on the other hand is usually linked with a large black male holding onto a semi-automatic pistol, with staunch and ghetto all combined into one. Hip hop music and western country music may be seemingly opposite genres of music and yet they are all actuality quite similar than we may have previously thought. The history of the genres may be quite different, but the use of language, arrangement of deliverance to its audience, the ideals that are celebrated are actually all favorably identical. When mixed, these ideals brought together two diverse cultures. Hip hop has been around the entertainment sector way before the appearance of artists such as Nelly or Queen Latifah. In the past, to enrich their stories, African Americans would take the use of words and would take turns adding sounds and verbs. With the use of words, sounds and verbs, their stories would come appear to come alive and be vibrant. African American slaves would use beats on whatever they could access, and other slaves would join and add some beats of their own. (History of Hip Hop Music). Similar to today’s hip hop, music was an escape. Music was a path to forget the difficulties that were placed upon slaves and a way to expres... ... middle of paper ... ...t times just plain "women." (Honkytonk Badonkadonk, Money Maker). Country music and hip hop music has is it both shares the same meaning and life stories in their lyrics such as drug, love, sex, and alcohol. Country music and hip hop music are all about the same thing. Rappers are proud to be from the hood’ and country singers are proud to be from a rural area most likely in the South. If one has never left their environment long enough to experience anything else, then that is most likely all one knows. Hip hop and country music both are able to tell stories. Majority mention life experiences of the artist and yet the cultures and tones are two very opposite worlds. Country folks begin to look back on their first hookups, first drinks, and growing up poverty-stricken. Reba McEntire sings about being forced into prostitution, she mentions in one of her songs, "She
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