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Heroism can be defined differently to each person. The acts of of a defined ‘hero’ serve to help and make an impact on a life. The qualities show bravery and courage, whether they are defending our country or just simply lending a helping hand. A hero isn’t negative, nor a coward. A hero is there to help a person, or persons, and defend what is right. The meaning of a hero varies to each person, they make positive influences on the lives of other people with their heroic qualities. When a person thinks about the one term “hero”, several thoughts may come to the mind. Thoughts such as intelligence, being handsome, and being daring. For a child, they might be thinking about the cartoon or Marvel superheroes. For an elderly person, they may…show more content…
A hero could save one or thousands of people. Children are immensely interested with the fact of the fantasy superheroes. They might be so interested because of the adventures and tasks they take on. At the young age, media has come up with new heroes that the children can look up to. Whether they are taking journeys across the world or rescuing animals. A hero could be a real-life human or a fantasy figure. Doctors, nurses, firefighters, and policemen are ideal heroes to some. For their bravery and courage in their career. But to some, policemen are seen the opposite. With recent incidents in the past, policemen can be feared for their violent acts to civil people. Every person has a different look on their idea of a…show more content…
They do something for a moral cause, for people in need. They expect nothing in return, such as a reward. The simple gratitude to helping is the reward they get. The personal risks and tasks they take on and encounter can be dangerous but life-saving. The definition of heroism and altruism can be considered differently in a contrast. The definition of ‘altruism’ is “feelings and behavior that show a desire to help other people and a lack of selfishness”, whereas ‘heroism’ is “great courage”, defined by Merriam-Webster. Where a hero has the great courage to “save the day”, altruism is the compassion of helping others. Although there are heroes who are unselfish, there can be some who do it for the fame. There are different qualities when it comes to realizing what a hero truly is. Any person who changes a life in a positive way can be a hero. They don’t have to be recognized across the globe to be considered one. Also, not having super powers and abnormal strengths doesn’t define a hero. Being courageous and having a positive influence on the life of one person or of millions is a characteristic that all heroes should have. Every person has a hero, and it is okay that every individual looks at them in their own different way. Whether it is a war hero or just someone who encourages you, it is great to have a person who inspires you to be a better

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