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1.0 Introduction Hepatitis B is one of infections that may infect the liver. At least 300 million people around the world. The viral hepatitis type (b) a leading cause of acute hepatitis and chronic around the world are infected. There are a lot of people cannot get of their bodies and become carriers of the disease may develop when a small percentage of them to cirrhosis of the liver, liver cancer, liver failure, or death. Moreover hepatitis is happening in the hospital in the workplace because of the presence of factors and reasons for help on the occurrence of the disease and its transmission from one person to another. There are several examples illustrating ways of transmission of the disease or infection from one person to another, for example, the disease is transmitted from: 1) Workers or visitors to patients. 2) Patients or visitors to the workers. 3) Patients to patients. 4) Worker to another. 2.0 Symptoms & signs Appear symptoms of the disease by the biggest show in adults and in children by less but, the majority of children and infants infected with viral hepatitis "B" does not appear to have any signs or symptoms of the disease, absolutely, adults as well. Signs and symptoms appear, usually, after a specified period of time from infected, sometimes may be mild or severe and sharp at other times. The symptoms can include: ▪ Jaundice (yellowing of the skin and eyes) ▪Turning to the dark color of urine as a color tea ▪Turning to the light colored stool ▪ General weakness and fatigue, nausea and vomiting) , ▪ Fever ▪ Headache ▪ Pain in the joints ▪ Skin rash or itching ▪ Pain in the upper right corner of the abdomen ▪ Intolerance for fat food and cigarettes also, extreme tiredness ▪ Loss of appetite ▪ Nausea... ... middle of paper ... ...e to follow the instructions that will not put the disease affect people at large and there will be less for very small proportions and I recommend the hospital and its employees to make plans and follow it for avoidance of the disease and prevent people from it and these plans are: ▪ Use strong cleaning equipment to kill germs because when cleaning the floor germs do not die completely ▪ Change therapy equipment that is used in continuity ▪ Separation between sick people and people that do not have the disease ▪ Place the plates and urges guidance on how to avoid the disease ▪The situation of workers and observers to see how people follow these instructions ▪ Cleaning toilets continuously ▪ cleansing the room after the patient out of the hospital ▪Precautions must be simple and doable ▪Evaluation of activities that may cause the spread of infectious agents

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