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Helicopter parenting is often referred to as over parenting or bulldozing parenting, which means parents “who pay extremely close attention to a child's or children's experiences and problems, particularly at educational institutions” (“Helicopter Parenting”). These parents are included in all aspects of their children's lives and have a difficult time stepping back to let them be independent. Teenagers and college students who have these types of parents have been seen to have low self-confidence and difficulty adjusting to college. Studies have shown that young adults who’ve had parents take care of their problems and complete all their daily tasks have more negative effects than positive. Parents have to learn that it is okay to let their…show more content…
You could research from a parent's perspective, a child's perspective, or a young adult’s perspective. Having information from all of these points of view really educates you on the subject and gives you knowledge about how every party is affected. Even though parents want their children to have great lives and want to protect them from everything harmful, they have to sometimes step aside and let them figure out things on their own. If they don’t let them develop their own identity or learn how to be independent, children can be unaware of how to do daily life tasks, children won’t thrive as young adults, and can possibly be unsuccessful adults. No parent wants their child to fail, get hurt, or make mistakes, but those are the things that build character and promote their self-development. Parents have to remember that one day their kids will have to be on their own and it’s their job to make sure that they are ready for the real world. It is okay to be a protective parent and want nothing but the best for your children, but being able to let a child be independent and in charge of their problems will help them in the future so much

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