Essay On Healthcare Access

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Healthcare Access in the United States In general, access to healthcare describes how easily an individual can receive appropriate medical services. These include measures of access health insurance coverage, ability to see a physician and obtain needed medical attention, ease of obtaining after-hours care, and short waiting times for doctor appointments. Throughout the entire world, better healthcare access correlates to better health status and lower hospitalization rates as the whole. The United States has always tried to reach equality and justice in politics. This also applies to healthcare accessibility. The United States has gone through many reforms and reconstruction to better increase the accessibility for everyone nationally, but there are still multiple setbacks in the way of a more readily available healthcare system.
Healthcare accessibility has greatly ranged throughout history. With that, it has been and still remains a main issue. Access fluctuates based off of several barriers. Some of these included “lack of information in the health care system, inability to pay, and negative past experiences in the health care system” (Admed, Lemkau, Nealeigh,
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That saying, everything they do has a lasting and major effect. They participate directly, indirectly, and behind the scenes with the patient, family, hospital staff, and community. Going along with Gardner, nurses have the “intelligence to observe, validate, and network to articulate messages advocating for health care reform values that resonate with Republican, Democratic, and Independent Congressional members” (Gardner, 2014). With large size in numbers, nurses can effectively participate in health related politics to improve the healthcare system. Regardless, at the end of the day the patient is what matters most, meaning the nurse needs to ensure care for everyone – people below the poverty line, immigrants, and other minorities
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