Essay On Hatshepsut

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Hatshepsut, whose name contains the meaning “foremost of noble-women”, was born the only daughter of King Thutmose I and Queen Ahmose. Thutmose II, son of King Thutmose I and a lesser wife, yielded power upon his father’s death in 1481 and took Hatshepsut as his wife and Queen consort. If not for the early death of Thutmose II, only reigning a mere three years, Hatshepsut would most likely not have played such a prominent role in history and instead would have been known for portraying the typical role of Queen.
Thutmose III was an infant in age at the time of his father’s death; this left Hatshepsut, his step-mother, to assume the role of regent. Actions taken by Hatshepsut were standard at first, providing the youthful Thutmose III with proper military training. During this time there was no sign of her grasping for full power, rather she was securing her family’s power until the young King would reach an age where he would be capable of ruling on his own. The exact time in which Hatshepsut declared herself senior co-regent is not known, but it is said to be between the years of t...
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