Essay On Harmonics

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1.2.6 HARMONIC DISTORTION Harmonics are sinusoidal component of periodic wave having an frequency that is an integral multiple of fundamental frequency. Now a day more use of power electronic switches and devices cause harmonics. Examples of harmonics producing loads are computers, adjustable speed drives, etc. Mitigation of harmonics can be done with the help of passive filters or active filters. Hybrid of active and passive filters also solves problems of harmonics. Figure 1.5 Distorted Current Waveform Due To Harmonics 1.3 SOURCES OF POWER QUALITY PROBLEMS Sources of PQ problems in all the fields such as domestic, commercial are industrial are closely related with power electronics. For example residential equipments such as PC’s and TV, office equipments like printers and industrial equipment such as PLCs. Nonlinear loads are the most common causes of harmonics and neutral currents. Various electrical equipments such as transformers, motors and cables are affected by harmonics. Equipments such as PC’s and printers using switched mode power supply produce neutral currents. Th...
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