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One of the prime industries in the traditional sector of India is handloom industry. The handloom sector plays a very important role in the country’s economy. It is one of the largest economic activities providing direct employment to over 65lakhs of people engaged in weaving and allied activities. As a result of effective government intervention through financial assistance and implementation of various development and welfare schemes, this sector has been able to withstand competition from the power loom and mill sectors. This sector contributes nearly 19% of the total cloth produced in the country and also adds substantially to export earnings. Handloom is unparalleled in its flexibility and versatility, permitting experimentations and innovations. The strength of handloom lies in the introducing innovative designs, which cannot be replicated by the power loom sector. Thus handloom forms a part of the heritage of India and exemplifies the richness and diversity of our country and the artistry of weavers. 1.1 OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY To study the organizational structure of Kerala State Handloom Development Corporation Ltd. To know the present conditions of Hanveev. To observe and study the functioning of various departments of the Organization. To identify the strength and weakness of the workers as well as the Organization To study how theoretical knowledge is made use in real situation. 1.2 SCOPE OF THE STUDY One of the prime most industries in the traditional sector of India is the Handloom Industry. Next to the agriculture, a major population earns their living through this Handloom sector. The increasing demand for quality products makes Hanveev very attractive while comparing to its competitors. The government rebates and... ... middle of paper ... ...rimary handloom weavers Co-operatives society, private handloom exporters and unorganized individual weavers together constitute the handloom sector in Kannur. The Kannur district had a decent record of handloom export. Present status of handloom sector Today the handloom sector shows the declining trend. The successor of those weavers who designed the finest, designs namely Kashmiri Silks, Kanchipuram Silks, Banaras Silks are living in the midst of poverty. They find it very difficult to face the competition from these mills which has too sophisticated technology and ample funds. The declining in the foreign currency is affected due to the poor quality of materials. The private mills desire for increased profit which gave least consideration to the quality of the fabrics. Thus the market comes down. Poverty continues to be the main problems faced by the weavers.

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