Essay On Hamlet's Sanity

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“That will taste bitter!” Some people refer to Hamlet as the “melancholy Dane” whose emotions seem to run his life. However, others argue that Hamlet is completely sane and makes a direct plan to kill the King. Hamlet acts insane throughout the play and deceives many people along the way, including his own mother. He proves his sanity through several of his actions and that he planned to kill the King and avenge his father’s death in the play Hamlet. Hamlet is angered over the hasty marriage between his mother and uncle and wishes that suicide was not against God’s law. Despite his anger, he knows that he must not let it show (1.2.131-161). Horatio tells Hamlet that he has seen a figure that looks exactly like his father which spurs Hamlet…show more content…
He plans to use words that will be like daggers, but does plan to put them into murderous action (3.2.378-379). Before he goes and talks to his mother, he comes across the King while he is repenting for his actions. Hamlet almost kills him, but stops when he realizes that the King will go to Heaven because he has repented (3.3.76-80). This stops Hamlet and proves that he is plotting the death of the King. An insane person would not have the capability to think about the consequences of their choice while they are one step away from the murder they desire. In both instances, Hamlet uses discipline in order to assure his plan works perfectly. When the Queen was asked if she knew how Hamlet was, she said that he was as mad as the sea and wind (4.1.6-7). This actually aided Hamlet in his plan because he was able to deceive the King even more. Sadly, Ophelia was also affected by Hamlet’s acting skills and she went insane. She could not handle the emotional stress that Hamlet caused her by claiming he did not love her even though he once claimed he did and also the death of her father. Eventually, she falls from a branch into a stream and dies. Even though this is not part of Hamlet’s plan, he continues with plan of
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