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“A human resource information system (HRIS) is software containing a database that allows the manipulation, entering and storage of data regarding employees of the corporation. HRIS allows for the access of important employee information and global visualization.”
In this period of economic growth of the Asian and African economies, the main driving force behind the economic success of third world countries like India is Human Resource. Hence, it has become even more vital today that human resources should be managed very well and for that, an combination of technology with the daily activities of employees of the company should be the prime focus of organizations in a developing country like India, operating in any domain. In last couple of decades, one of the most important technological solutions which are pillar of modern Human Resource Management domain is the implementation and use of Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS).
The utilization of IT development and characteristics for effective managing of the Human resource management (HRM) applications and functions is Human Resource Information System (HRIS). It is systematic procedure for storing, maintaining, recovering and collecting data which is required for the Human Resources (HR), Organizational Characteristics and personnel activities by any organization. Human Resource Information System (HRIS) can vary according to the organization size and can be informal in small organization in context to time cards and payroll records. The main aspect in the corporate success of huge organizations depends on the integration of company’s Information Technology (I.T.) and Human Resource (HR) and the coordinated strategic management.
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... set of analytical tools that assist managers in establishing objectives and in evaluation the performance of the organization's human resources programs. The well designed HRIS will serve as the main management tool for aligning human resources department goal with long term planning goals.
Many studies cited HRIS benefits, such as the improvement in accuracy, the cost saving and the timely and quick access to information through HR reports. In HR, reports can be generated from data input into a HRIS database via previously programmed report generators, thereby making “transparent” HR collective data from the aggregation of the personal data actually input. Almost all the HR applications involve the automating of HRM activities. Due to technological evolution in mid 1990s, HRIS has shaped the need for and the nature of human resource planning within organizations.

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