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I have begun to change an increase in my daily H2O intake, with the intention to ultimately enhance my overall performance and health. Due to the fact that I am in my outdoor season of track and field, I have taken notice that I need to intake more and more water into my body. Now that it is also getting hotter outside, I am getting more dehydrated and am losing water the more I practice. The behavior that I will be increasing will be my daily H2O intake for a couple days. Hydration not only involves providing the body with enough fluids to function during exercise but also to prevent subsequent injuries and illnesses. Because of the more active I am, I will need to drink more than someone who has a low activity level. My goal is to obtain more than the recommended daily fluids, which is 64 oz. I plan to drink more than that and continue to do so throughout my period of running. What I plan to do is start carrying a gallon jug around, with water of course, with me all day to help remind me to drink the over the daily amount. The health authorities commonly say that we need eight 8-ounce glasses per day, which equals about 2 liters, or half a gallon and it is also recommended to try and to drink 1/4 cup of water every 30 minutes to get the recommended 64 oz. a day. I can accomplish this by did that by trying to drink 16 oz. of water every 1/2 half hour. Thus, I can make it to drinking over 64 oz. of H2O every day to keep myself hydrated. On the gallon container that I obtain, will be marked of by segments of ounces, so that, I will know how much water I have taken in that day. Therefore each day I’ll record down what I’ve drunken over the period of the procedure. I have outlined a long term goal as my final outcome, which will be ...

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...ons over an increased duration of time, to allow adaptation to these behavioral modifications, also to permit greater accuracy and consistency. In the future, I would try to implement behavior change with the social support of a friends or family member. What could be done differently or changed would be to change and add certain reinforcements and punishments to the modification period. By adding social interactions a long with the experiment could possibly cause better results. If I planned to do this with a partner involved with it may have allowed me to always bring my drink bottle everywhere I went, and thus increase my H2O consumption throughout the day. Furthermore in conclusion of the experiment, I did achieve my long term goal in increase of its behavior resulting in a total increase in health and avoiding the dehydration phase that was planned to overcome.
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