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Innovate, invent and devise. For thousands of years, people have attempted to search the secret of luxury, wanting to change the world. They tried to invent new gadgets and innovated new idea, but few succeeded.
In the old days, the outcomes of battle were often depending on the numbers and strenght of the soilders and the strenght of the castle wall. Castle wall structures were almost impossible to bring down . Rocks were catapulted at the castles, tunnels were dug under the walls and battering rams were used in attempt to tear down the castle walls; however, these techniques weren't very efficent.
Gunpowder, it was where power and strenght came from in medieval time. It was invented in China, in the 9th century. Some called it black powder. It was listed as one of the"Four Greatest inventions" of China. It was discover by accident when a alchemist attemped to creat the potions of enteran life. As peope realised the burning properties of gunpowder and the significant amount of energy it can generate, it was soon spread to Europe and the Middle East and used in warfares.
10% sulphur, 15% charcoal and 75% potassium nitrate, that is the secret of making something to explode. The gunpowder mixture is extremly flamable. The potassium nitrate generally came from decayed animal manure. When it is ignited, the potassium nitrate supplies oxygen, while the charcoal and sulfure act as a fuel. With this consistance sorce of oxygen supply, gunpowder can burn rapidly with just a spark.
It became China's secret wespon. Gunpowder was first used by the Chinese at war to scare people off. Later, the danger of stand near the exploding gunpowder was realised, so they began to use it at war as a type of explosive. A banboo tube fil...

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...ched attempted to restrict and consor what the people read, these copies always found their way to people' hand. And it wasn't long until the Church monopoly fell apart.
Today, this ground breaking invention developes in a rapid pace with the new technogy surrounded. Laser printer were developed to print directly on a piece of paper using eletrostatic charges, allowing us to print anything from our computer in no time. 3D printers were later developed to print 3D objects, using them for designing, education and many other industry.
Gunpowder, mechanical clock, printing press and many other inventions from the medieval time shaped the world we know today. These inventions provided us a much more covienient and exciting life.
Look at how far have our imagination and curiosty have brought us. Perhaps one day, we can go even further, to the other side of the galaxy.
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