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Greenhouse to Icehouse: Critical Determinant of Earth’s Evolution Introduction Earth is a planet that has experienced a great mixture of gradual and dramatic change over its 4.5 billion year history. Throughout the geological time scale, climate change really can be considered normal. Unfortunately, that is not how many humans view it. Humans tend to fear change and the unknown, so any modification to our familiar few thousand years, we freak out. With the aid of science and an open-mind, we can use current technology and reasoning to piece together our planet’s past, and possibly catch a glimpse of what is to come. Currently, our planet is considered an Icehouse which begun roughly three million years ago. An icehouse is characterized by the ice sheets located at the northern and southern poles. Although this is not the case today, our ice sheets once covered from the North Pole though Canada, ending roughly around Kansas. Our southern ice sheets were also several hundreds of miles north then present day. Ice sheets coated most of the planet from the late Eocene into the Oligocene. ...

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