Essay On Green Supply Chain Management

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Friendly environment is become important for enterprises because of public awareness, government regulations, society and competitors. For this purpose green supply chain process is performing according to standards and rules. Customers are also focusing to purchase those goods which are friendly for environment. Now a days green supply chain management is popular, companies are evaluating their process and convert them in green supply chain. Due to environmental changes and effects of pollution government make tighten rule form companies and industries to remove carbon and defuses. Companies follow the green supply chain management to reduce carbon to make friendly environment, recycle/ remanufacture product to reduce wastage of material and resources and make responsible citizen in society. Supply chain management involved in delivering end product to its customer by managing and coordinating complex network of activities. A product’s life cycle of all stages influences supply chain environment, from tearing out resource, to manufacturing, use and recycle, or disposal. In this definition, if we add “Green” in it, it refers to Green Supply Chain Management, which means “Green Procurement + Green Manufacturing + Green distribution + Reverse Logistics”.

In this century green Supply Chain Management is used to eliminate or reduce waste i.e. Energy, Emission, Chemical /hazardous, solid wastes along supply chain. Green Supply Chain Management has played an important role to achieve profit and market share by minimizing company environmental risks and impacts, while increasing their ecological efficiency. A study has shown that green supply chain management can be divided into ...

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...e of water and provide awareness about green friendly environment to general public.
It is conclude that Green supply chain is a new concept, need awareness and become popular in organization. Due to government pressures and make image in consumer’s mind company follow green SCM process, giving them green products and prove themselves a social responsible citizen. Though there are some difficulties to setup green supply chain process in organization and sometimes sales become decrease but it is a long term relationship which is profitable for organization as well as environment too. Supply chain and environment both aim are sustainability and going green, provide polluted free environment in future and reduce wastage of resources and energy. Bio product and remanufacturing are now become important for save our future generation and environment.
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