Essay On Green Branding

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I argue that through the rapid change of global transformation, companies need to perform financially to be good cooperating citizens. Companies are expected to create economic, social and environmental value to ensure they reduce harm from their unethical environmental activities. Through this it has resulted in an increase of green washing with companies issuing green claims to satisfy the public. Organisations, governments or company’s promotes green claims based on paying attention to their environmental footprint, by making their product or service environmentally friendly. It can have an increase on the consumers theatrically changing their way of thinking by making environmental decisions. Companies will aim to spend more money and time on sufficiently being green and making eco-friendly choices to lure the consumers to buy their environmentally friendly products and services. However, some promotion of green claims can actually operate in a way that is damaging the environment. Misleading advertisement and unsubstantiated claims about the environmental benefits of a product is very deceiving to consumers. This is called green washing, creating a benefit by appearing to be a green company. Since the mid 1990’s, developments in technology have played a huge roll in how green washing through information to the public. Before the internet being freely available companies could portray themselves as environmentally friendly. The communication was primarily one way, from company to public through traditional media e.g. tv, print and media. The internet was a game changer where the public could voice their concerns and questions about green claims. Corporations had no option but to respond to these claims before their... ... middle of paper ... ...peruse green programs or environmentally friendly programs that are too costly to run or unprofitable. Shareholders are a critical stakeholder of a company, interested primarily in the growth and return on their investment. Take Qantas for example, when the introduction of the Carbon tax by the Labour Government, which was design to have Australians and companies reduce carbon footprint, was financially a real burden on many companies. Especially Qantas that had record losses operating in Global market in a highly competitive airline industry, struggling to financially perform. Evidently showing how Qantas was under pressure as they couldn’t recover through fares increases to be seen doing good for the environment. Identifying how companies like Qantas are struggling to pay the carbon tax whilst also trying to implement other green claims within the company.
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