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The Grammar Translation Method has been considered as the major factor causing to the low linguistic competence on the learners. However, the role of translation in teaching English cannot be ignored. Translation was an important part of English teaching for a long time, and then it was replaced by other methods. When the communicative methodologies arrived and then totally dominant, translation was consigned to the past. In spite of this, now it is used in many communicative classrooms and successfully assists to the learning. Duff (1989) supposes that teachers and students now not only use translation to translate the language, but also to learn the language. Nowadays, translation activities have clear communicative aims and real cognitive…show more content…
Translation can help the students better memorize the learning material because translation is a conscious activity which enables the information to enter and be organized in the unlimited and highly stable area in the students’ mind. Learning can be said to have truly taken place when information can be recalled from the students long term memory. Translation can also help the students understand the differences between second language and target language and most important of all it can help the students apply what they have learned to writing. Dagilienė’s study (2012) shows that translation activities are a useful pedagogical tool. He proves that translation enhances better understanding of structures of the two languages and also strengthens students’ translation skills.
According to researcher Duff (1994), properly designed translation activities can be employed to enhance the four skills and to develop three qualities essential to all language learning: accuracy, clarity and flexibility. The purpose of translation activities is not to train professional translators, but to help students acquire and strengthen their knowledge in the English
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The teacher makes a free translation of the same material or uses a translated version available. This time the translated material is to be “cooled off” for a couple of days before asking the students to back translate the Chinese version into English again. The advantage of this practice is that in so doing the students can learn both the form and the meaning of the text. By comparing and contrasting, the students may have a clearer picture of the organization of English texts and at this time, the students are encouraged to imitate the sentence patterns by making similar sentences. After repeated practice, the students may find it easier to restore the translation to its original version but this is not the end of the practice. The ultimate goal of this practice is to encourage the students to put into practice the “new” words and expressions and sentence patterns.
There are some suggestions for teacher to apply translation in teaching writing. Firstly, it is necessary to plan carefully and fully, and to identify the right kinds of aims. Then, choosing the material really does focus on the aims. Teacher should ensure the tasks are short, always asking students working in groups, and maintain the element of a communication gap. Teacher should think about the different benefits of translation and more specifically L1 - L2 or L2 - L1 work in the context of aims and of the class level.
Some translation activities for teaching writing:
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