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Gothic Architecture is a form of architecture that reached its highest level during medieval times. The history of Gothic architecture dates back to the 12th century. The Gothic style originated in France. It was originally called the French style but later was changed to Gothic. Some excellent examples of Gothic design were the Gothic cathedrals in England. Some of the best known were Canterbury Cathedral and Westminster Abbey. The term “Gothic” comes from the name of a barbaric tribe, the Goths, who controlled areas of Europe. The tribe was not known for their architectural achievements, but for their cruel and warlike nature. The name “Gothic” was then attributed to the style by those who thought the designs and details represented the groups’ way of ruling. The history of Gothic architecture spanned 300 years. Many unique design elements evolved over that time. Some of the most amazing examples of Gothic architecture are the cathedrals (Myers 1). Design is the most significant aspect of Gothic architecture and is what makes it unique.
It took several types of tools, materials, and craftsmen to create these giant structures. Gothic cathedrals were the most obvious sign of the Catholic Church’s wealth and power in medieval England. Famous cathedrals are found in major cities such as Chichester, Lincoln, and Worcester. The money needed to create these buildings came from people making payments to the Catholic Church. Many skilled and specialized people were required. An architect had to be found to create the designs. Many types craftsmen were needed such as a sculptor, a blacksmith, a glassmaker, a stonecutter, a mortar maker, a carpenter, and a roofer. These men were each in charge of their own section, but did not do any of ...

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...Church festivals, the life of Christ, the importance of the Virgin Mary, the prophets, saints, martyrs and other religious themes” (Martin 1). The windows were seen as another way that God was connected to the people (Martin 1). Even today stained glass windows are found in churches. Interior design was another significant part of Gothic architecture.
All these features were an important part of a Gothic cathedral. They could not have been created without the skill of hundreds of men, their tools, and their materials. Without the history from the Goths and the ways of the French, Medieval design would not have spread to as many places as it did. All of the design features worked together to create amazing structures that inspired the people and in many ways brought them together. These building still bring us together today, a thousand years later.

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