Essay On Going To College

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Almost every person in the world has skills and hobbies, some of whom practice it for joy and others for living. Some people believe that not going to college will give a person more time to develop their skills. People back then used to develop and apply their skills and hobbies by involving in the work field in order to succeed; time have changed and this style of living almost don 't exist in our time. Taking about the majority, because college provide a degree, expands knowledge, and gives experience, people must go to college in order to succeed.

People who think that not going to college is a good idea believe that skipping college will give them more time to practice their skills and hobbies by involving in work and will get
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Going to college will allow a person to have degree which qualifies him/her to get a job. Nowadays it is important to have a degree because as the article ‘’high school diploma is not enough,’’GIT said’’ Positions that used to require just a high school degree are increasingly being filled by college graduates.’’ So the old concept of working without having a degree is not a good idea. Many companies are looking for skilled people with a degree specially these days, they look for higher degree. People with not degree will find it hard to find a job. For instance, my cousin is very intelligent in computers and he loved what he was doing, when he applied for a job as a computer technical the company refused him with knowing that he is intelligent. He went to a college and took his diploma, and when he went back , they accepted him; So a college degree is very important to have. People who succeeded in life without having a degree are few and it is risky to follow their path because it not guarantee as having a degree. Therefore, a degree will be a backup in case a person wants to do something different and fails. In addition, living the college experience has a long term benefit on a person; The college experience is a valuable because college has many people for different places which will boost your network connection with different people. When i first entered a college i started meeting different people from all over the glob which expanded my network, whereas many the people i knew who did not go to college I can see how poor their connections with people is.

To sum up, even thought not going to college will provide more time and get your dreams faster. College will still be more important that because it will develop your knowledge, provide a degree and experience; which will make you more valuable, and gives opportunities to make money in a way that is more safe than following some peoples
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