Essay On Going To College

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Going to college is great for your future, it is a good way to better your education, gain experience and knowledge. It can help lead you into a career that you want to be in. Going to college is one of the staples of the America dream. Go to college get a degree get a good job that pays well. Although earning a college degree is still looked at as an achievement. Getting a college degree is not viewed as it once was. 40 years ago a bachelors degree would have guaranteed you a well paying job, But as more people get degrees and the job market gets more competitive. Getting a good job with a college degree becomes harder to obtain. As the odds of getting a good job with a college degree decreases, The cost of going to college increases. This is a problem that every college and university will be faced with in the coming years. If something is not done about the price of tuition and the stably of the job market. There will be an inevitable collapse for colleges in the future. There are many issues that contribute to this problem. The rising cost of tuition, debt, a decrease in student enrollment. The economy and the current and future job market. Supply and demand also plays into it.

First is the cost of tuition. The cost of tuition has increased. Going to college without taking out some type of student loan is nearly impossible nowadays, But it was very common 30-50 years ago. Why has tuition for college increased? “Inflation can't explain it; over the past 20 years, tuition increased twice as fast as the overall cost of living” (Larson 1997). The only consistent thing about the cost of college is that it’s sure to go up. So why has tuition increased so rapidly over such a short period of time? In order to find out why tuition ha...

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...der the students themselves, and if they chose not to purse a career with their degree. That being said the cost of tuition is the underlining factor. If school was more affordable it would not be as much of a gamble to future and current students

That being said do not let the scare of the college bubble bursting stop you form furthering your education, there are many colleges to choose from and some are quiet affordable.There is also payment plans and different types of finical aid to choose from. Anyone in this country has an opportunity to further their education by going to college, when you boil it down you just have to be realistic. People need to understand you can get a great education at a less expensive college. There are great teachers at community and junior colleges that can provide you as good of an education if not better than elite universities.
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