Essay On Globally Sustainable Organization

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A globally sustainable organization has the ability to meet the needs of present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. Organizations are getting more and more concerned with sustainability and corporate social responsibility. A sustainable organization always give importance to the economic, social and environmental benefits when doing business. Instead of only looking for economic bottom line such as profits and shareholder returns, global firms need to pursue a balanced set of “triple bottom line”, which consists of economic, social, and environmental performance, and satisfy the demands of all stakeholder groups. A stakeholder is someone who is dependent on or affected by organizational
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Formal (rules and regulations) and informal institutions demand for better environmental and corporate social responsbility from firms. As a result, sustainability has become a key focus for multi national enterprises as it enabled companies to achieve better organizational performance. One of the Human Resources Management(HRM) function consists of assisting in creating and implementing sustainability strategy in various ways. Human Resources(HR) ensures that the employees of a global firm implement the strategy consistently across the globe. A sustaniable human resource management uses various methods and tools to create a global worksforce that trusts the organization and its strategies towards the global sustainability. They ensure that the employees has enough skills and values for implementing sustainability initiatives, and are they motivated properly to achieve the triple bottom line. There are various ways in which human resources can impact corporate social responsibility and triple bottom line. Some of those include proper staffing strategies, training and development on sustainable practises and strategies, motivating employees, provide attractive remuneration, conduct performance appraisals, maintain good labor…show more content…
Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is the consideration of, and response to, issues beyond the narrow economic, technical, and legal requirements of the firm to accomplish social benefits along with the traditional economic gains which the firm seeks. (Peng, 2012). According to World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD, 1999), CSR is an organization’s commitment to a discretionary behavior that leads to economic development and contributes to the welfare of its employees, local community and society at large. (Ilona, Kazlauskaite, 2011). Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has become very important in that it become a strategic issue that spans across various departments of a firm. It affects the overall global business process as well. Many organization have revisited and redefined their core values to add corporate social responsibility.

The below infographic depicts some of the key areas that HR can impact the organization`s CSR efforts and triple bottom line. The y-axis of the chart represents meeting the needs of the stake holders and x-axis represents the actions that HR can contribute and influence the success of a sustainable business. (Cohen, Taylor, Camen, 2015).