Essay On Globalization And Gender Inequality

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Globalization has a positive effect on gender equality. This paper will therefore look at the impacts of globalization in terms of education, career and job opportunities, and lifestyle in general. The forces that make up globalization, which are the ICT, integration of the economy , and easy means of acquiring information, have worked through institutions(both formal and informal), and also markets to positively affect gender equality. Evidently, the openness of trade, and integration of ICT have resulted to an increase of jobs and stronger bonds to the worldwide markets for a huge number of women. This has increased their economic opportunities, hence an increase in their wages too,(barker, 2014). On the other hand, gender inequality is…show more content…
Initially, in more conservative countries, girls and women were discriminated against some “tough” courses which were considered masculine. Recently, thanks to the awareness the globalization has created to the world, we find women exceling in these courses and getting employment. Equal chance of schools is also being provided to both genders. Girls are no longer looked at as liability in the families. They are encouraged to go to school and be independent in their lives. ICT has enabled e-learning that allows people to further their studies while still working. These allow promotions at work. It also means that women can still further their studies even after getting involved with family issues. Computers and other electronic gadgets have become affordable, hence allowing people to study from which ever corner of the world, and also get informed from wherever they are,( neca, 2014). Lastly, globalization has had a huge impact on the lifestyles of people around the world, especially women. With access to internet, women get to know what is trending, in terms of fashion, hobbies, and generally how to carry themselves. They would not like being left behind. Hence you find women owning property, expensive phones, and driving big vehicles. These raise their esteem, hence they are able to stand for their rights both at work and in
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