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Term paper on Global Warming
Ways and Means That Could Be Employed to Save the Earth from Global Warming.
Global warming should be a concern for modern day humanity. It can be a determining factor in preserving our humanity. Preventive measures can be implemented to enhance the quality of the air we breathe and the environment we live in. Becoming educated about going green is a great method for addressing global warming. It could make a difference in the next phase of our humanity. We must all contribute in our own way to help prevent global warming.
Global warming is one the most debated environmental topic of this day. Everyone is concern with the next phase of humanity. Will we survive? Will the earth replenish itself from all these toxins? Including the many means and ways to prevent this human catastrophic event. Global warming is defined as a sustained increase in the earth’s atmospheric temperature. This is due to human practices that result in an increase in the emission of carbon-dioxide into the atmosphere from cars, heat from homes and businesses, factories. These few things alone contribute to about 80% of today’s carbon-dioxide emissions, 25% methane, and 20% nitrous-oxide. The increase in agriculture, deforestation, industrial production, and mining contribute a significant share of emissions as well. Also the burning of solid waste, fossil fuels and wood products are a major problem too.
Scientist believe that global warming is a combination of human activities as well as natural climatic change. Climatic change as a result of the natural life cycle can be a contribu...

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... decrease in the algae population and this would result in a population increase for algae. In the end the fate of humanity with respect to global warming will be determined by the actions we take individually and as a whole. The first thing to do is monitor our behaviors. We need to practice more safe and environmental friendly activities when it comes to helping to make our earth a cleaner and safer place to live. We can do more to recycle. We have to be mindful of how we dump our garbage. Definitely, we can use more environmental products. Overall, the issue of preventing global warming is on us as humans. Nature plays a part as Fas climate changes but most of the responsibility of keeping the earth clean and staying on that path is ultimately our responsibility.
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