Essay On Global Climate Change

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Jose Gaxiola

Edson Ferreyra

April 24, 2014

Period. 5 Economics

Global Climate Change

Global climate change has been a very controversial topic due to the effects it has caused in the world. Scientists believe that if global climate change is not controlled, it will have a greater impact on the world and its people.

Global warming is the rise in temperature around the world’s atmosphere caused by greenhouse gases and the excessive amounts of carbon dioxide. Many of earth’s features have been affected and rearranged due to higher temperatures in climate change. Throughout the last thirty years, the world has been experiencing a change in heat with temperature (Seaman 1). Due to warmer temperature around ice glaciers, snow caps are melting with higher frequencies, therefore causing sea levels to rise approximately one foot (Seaman 1). The melting of snow caps have also changed and shifted the paths of sea currents. Global warming has been observed and measured over the course of time, how it affects aspect’s of the earth. Many individuals and species have been affected and threaten by global climate change. Earth’s terrains such as vegetation is drying up, therefore causing droughts in forests, mountains, and landscapes. Humans are hurt as much as the food chain since the first consumers eat plants, and the quaternary consumers eat the consumers ranging from first to third (Coon 1). The weather and climate is also affected because higher temperatures will most likely produce weather phenomenons such as a heat wave (Coon 1). Animal habitats are also being affected because global climate change will either destroy their shelter or will displace the terrains they are living on. Other factors that make threaten species are that som...

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...s to get their point across towards global climate change. More information on global climate change and self awareness should be displayed to the world in order to gather support from individuals for a strong cause against global climate change. The Kyoto Protocol was and genius proposal due to the fact that it took concerned global warming nations around the world and established an ideal commitment to regulate or even stop the production of greenhouse gases in the world’s atmosphere. If more individuals became more worried or had a sense of caution towards global warming, the world would have more green energy and less pollution. Scientist do need have to have a feeling of awareness because if global warming does keep accumulating around the world, nations will suffer and the world would eventually come to an end due to higher temperatures and greenhouses gases.