Essay On Global Citizenship

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Being a global citizen in the world of advanced technology can be beneficial to an individual’s success. The development an identity as a global citizen translates to being able to command and utilize resources, which include, but are not limited to modern intelligence, communication, and transportation technologies. Knowledge and know-how in terms of these technologies bolsters one’s capability in connecting with not only with friends and family, but the business industry, the workforce, educational industries, and a wide range of global capacities. For example, participating in online learning can meet with ease students’ personal, academic, and professional goals in this global economy. This paper will analyze what it means to be a global citizen, including the different perspectives on the concept. The outcomes of global citizenship, examples of any personal experiences, and the influences on personal development will also be explored. Defining Global Citizenship There has been a disagreement between theorists about the definition of global citizenship. This is evidenced in in the article, “A model of global citizenship: Antecedents and outcomes”, in which the authors address how specific schools of thought define global citizenship. For example, where one theorist may characterize this concept from a social aspect, another categorizes it based on righteousness. Clarifying the concept of global citizenship is difficult due to the use of seemingly synonymous terms to describe a superordinate global identity, and the influence of theorists’ disciplinary perspectives in defining the construct (Reysen & Katzarska-Miller, 2013). The film “Globalization: What is happening to us?” also describes global citizenship in t... ... middle of paper ... ...rses can and have been applied to real-life professional and personal situations. Consequently, the influences from matriculation on personal development in terms of being a global citizen are obvious. There is a plethora of advantages in being a global citizen. Being able to utilize artificial intelligence, communication aids, and technology are just on aspect of being a global citizen. Sure, familiarity in using these technologies can definitely improve one’s chance for success in today’s society, but being a global citizen extends far beyond being able to use resources. Global citizenship involves a variety of dynamics which have been discussed in this paper. Although there are different perspectives on the concept, the outcomes of global citizenship, examples of personal experiences, and the influences on personal development can be easily interpreted.
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