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Gladiators were brutal fighters who fought against other citizens. They were in a public arena where everyone could watch them fight against each other, sometimes to the death. Gladiators were considered a slave because they had very little rights. Also many gladiators were prisoners of war from other countries. Gladiators of Ancient Rome were ruthless fighters and lived a harsh life because they had rigorous training, they exercised and trained for most of the day, and they had to fight against other individuals in large crowds. Gladiators were trained in very specific ways. They were trained at gladiator schools that had doctores who taught the fighters. They were like a trainer to the gladiator and taught them certain methods to fighting. When they were brought into the gladiator lifestyle, they were assigned a specific technique of training. What style of training you were put into depended on your skills and ways of fighting. It also depended on where you were from. Different areas fought with different techniques. How you were taught also depended on what type of armor you were wearing. If you were wearing heavy armor, you were taught differently from those who wore very light body armor. All gladiators trained with swords made out of wood, and dummies called pali that were made out of hay straw. Sometimes the gladiators were taught how to properly die in the arena. They were educated how to die bravely and without any fear. When the gladiators first started schooling, they were trained into being in peak condition for fighting. Gladiators had painstaking training with the person in charge of their precise group. The gladiator’s appearance depended on if they were fighting that day. If a gladiator wasn’t fighting, they ... ... middle of paper ... ...tacus was tracked down by Marcus Licinius Crassus, the new Roman commander. Spartacus died in 71 B.C. during battle. He was looked at as a rebellious and strong figure to everyone in Rome. The gladiator of Ancient Rome had a hard life. They spent most of their days training to fight in the games. They had to wear the heavy armor when they were fighting, and had to learn how to use certain weapons. The gladiators fought against humans and animals, and sometimes were slaughtered to death during the games. Many were forced into becoming a gladiator, but others volunteered. On a rare occasion, a woman would volunteer to fight against another gladiator or animal. Fighting almost every day and training every day made the gladiators very strong. The role of gladiators became something to honor later on. Many of the gladiators that won became heroes and idols to others.

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