Essay On Gender Roles In Sons And Lovers By D. H. Lawrence

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Introduction D.H. Lawrence surely had his way of writing. He was different from many other authors. Lawrence was not a bad different by far, for he was one whom could write to relate to almost anyone. If you have read any of his books, you should know by now that he is a one of a kind author when it comes to writing and gender roles. Society has immensely impacted gender roles for both men and women over time. Simply, any women could argue that Lawrence makes a good statement about women in his books and relates to the women gender in many different ways, perhaps more than any other male author. For example, take in consideration of the book Sons and Lovers (1913) written by D.H. Lawrence. Although the title itself has nothing that makes…show more content…
A sex role is a role taken on by a person by a person of a specific gender and what is expected of them through society. During the 1900’s and the Victorian era sex roles were pretty stereotypical to say the least. From men doing all the outside work and earning money, to women being at home and taking care of the family and household all day every day. Come the time of the great depression, some men were laid off forcing some them to take on the gender role as a women and do the duties and act of housekeeper. This was a challenge for most men, beings that they may have felt less of a man due to the fact of not being the main supporter of the family. World War II was also a turnaround for gender roles. Due to the shortage of men in the work force, because they were out to fight in the war, more and more women had gotten brought into the work force. This was a time for women to take a step into the male-dominated work force and experience more than working the home life. After the return of males, some women returned back to the original role of the housework, while others stayed in the work force. Although men had a hard time with being okay with the women working and helping support their family, women liked the fact that they were taking on and making a change for their gender role. Lawrence helps us to understand the conflicts for a male’s view, but…show more content…
Lawrence is the emotional type of author in ways that he can be extremely relatable with a lot of people. Though he is a male author, the majority of his fans are females for the reasons that he understanding through many points of views during his time period, and even today. There are many things Lawrence had right and wrong about women. The main idea he had right was that women are not force to be fully devoted to serve a certain role, yet society influences them to think they have to succeed with in one specific role. An idea Lawrence had wrong about women was that not all of them are the same when it comes to the type of roles they want to take on as a female, some may be okay with the stereotypical way of life for women, and some want to make a change to become something other than what society labels them in order for them to be satisfied with their everyday

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