Essay On Gender Inequality

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According to Mandel (2009), gender inequality is the unequal treatment of the employees at a workplace. It is also considered as the wrong perception of the employees based on the difference in individual gender. Moreover, gender inequality among employees or in a workforce can be highlighted in terms of a gap in socially developed gender roles, age, race and colour in the society. The definition of gender can be viewed in terms of “the range of the individual biological, social, mental, physical and behavioural facets that differentiate between masculinity and femininity between individuals” (Karpowitz, Mendelberg & Shaker, 2012). However, Lorber (2010) stated that “gender refers to the socially constructed attributes, behaviours, roles and activities that a society consider appropriate for men and women”.

(Source: SCG, 2015).
The figure highlighted above illustrates the dimensions of gender inequality in terms of an individual’s physical factors, lifestyle, social and community networks, education and working conditions and lastly, social economic and environmental conditions. According to SCG, (2015), the dimensions of gender inequality can also be highlighted in terms of the Gender Inequality Index (GII). The GII refers to the measurement of gender disparity that captures the loss of
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It has been found that most of the women who are victims of sexual and domestic violence are found in bad workplaces, and similarly most men who commit this violence. Violence not only affects women’s participation in the workplace but also imposes considerable costs to the businesses and workplaces. Some workplace cultures may tolerate gender inequality and inappropriate behaviour of men towards woman, but others may do much to prevent these issues from arising (Bender, Donohue, & Heywood,
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