Essay On Gender Inequality

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Raychel Feldman
History of Science Essay
March 31st 2014
Gender Inequality within the Scientific Community

Women have often been seen as inferior beings in relation to men, especially in respect to the scientific community. This attitude is one that was established through ideologies of men being stronger not only physically, but mentally as well. Although this image of women is made up of fallacies, it is a belief that has hindered females through out the course of their careers. Often, it would lead to women being discredited from their scientific inquiries, causing fame and honor to be given to her male counterpart.
In the 1950’s a women scientist named Chien-Shuing Wu, born in Liu Ho, China proved to the world that the Law of Parity was null. The Law of Parity states: in quantum mechanics two physical systems that are mirror images of each other will behave in the same manor. This law was a steadfast belief that until Mrs. Wu, never was given much thought, (Lee).
The Columbia University recruited Mrs. Wu in 1940 as part of the Manhattan Project- a research and development project that was responsible for producing the first atomic bombs during World War II. It was during her time in the Manhattan Project that she conducted research on radiation and uranium enrichment. The experiment she conducted, in particular, to prove this 30-year-old theory wrong was an experiment that involved the usage of radioactive cobalt, cobalt-60, (Zuoyue). Wu’s tedious experiment would later be dubbed the Wu Experiment, (Lee).
During this time of experimentation two scientists, Tsung-Dao Lee and Ning Yang, fell in love with her project. Wanting to become part of this astonishing work, they asked her if they could work along side her. Mrs. W...

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...gender. However, it is less prevalent. Women have shown their strength and domineering attitudes in defense to these less than typical stereotypes. Through this strong-will women have gained respect for their gender within the working force enabling them to conduct research as freely and openly as men.

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