Essay On Gender Equality

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The fight for gender equality has gone on for decades, unfortunately it is still going on around the globe. It is a bigger problem in certain areas of the world compared to others, particularly in places with close religious ties. Men and women around the globe have fought hard for women to have equal rights; however, that is still not true today as women in certain cultures are still being oppressed by their society and religion, the United States is not exempt from this gender discrimination.
Woman are still views as sexually objects rather than human beings. Schools force girls to cover themselves up, by not showing body parts such as shoulders because it will distract the boys but, instead schools should be teaching boys not to think
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In the United States feminism is a fast and growing movement to promote the need for women’s equality. In the 1920s the women’s suffrage movement took the country by storm to demand that woman are given the same rights as a man. Originally this started off to give women an equal opportunity to vote, even though women can vote today they are still denied rights. It has been almost 100 years and women still do not have the same rights as men in the United States. People who support equal gender rights are feminists. Feminists simply means someone who believes that woman are entitled to the same rights as men, believing that the United States was founded on equality; “We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men and women are created equal” (560). Feminists can be male or female. A feminist does not believe that women are superior to men. A negative stereotype of feminist as man haters as scared people away from the cause. People do not enjoy being labeled, especially if it is not a good label and unfortunately due to a few feminist extremist people shy away from the cause. Women are still receiving unequal pay for the same job that a man does. It is easy for men to avoid the feminist movement because it does not work in their favor. It also may be harder for them to see that women are treated differently because they are not a woman, thus they have not been able to personally experience the
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