Essay On Gender Equality

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Discrimination based on gender or sex is a common civil rights violation. Discrimination continues to exist in all forms, despite the efforts to eliminate it. Skin color, religion, and sex are the central components of discrimination in the world. One specific area that has shown great improvements over time is gender equality. Throughout world history, women have been viewed as inferior to men. In the United States, women were not allowed to join the military or vote. The United States has made great strides in providing equal opportunity to all genders. In spite of the several laws and acts congress has passed, women are still viewed as subordinate people. Judith Lorber, Shari Dworkin, Bianca Grohmann, as well as Christopher Greenwell and…show more content…
She claims that men and women are not so different from each other biologically when she writes, “Except for procreative hormones and organs, female and male human beings have similar bodies” (Lorber 727). She also includes, “I am not saying that physical differences between male and female bodies don’t exist, but that these differences are socially meaningless until social practices transform them into social facts” (Lorber 731). The social transformation of female and male physiology into a condition of inequality is well illustrated by the bathroom problem she examines. Lorber claims, “The cultural, physiological, and demographic combinations of clothing, frequency of urination, menstruation, and child care add up to generally greater bathroom use by women than men” (732). Lorber provides a solution by suggesting that an equal number of bathrooms would seem fair. But, equality would mean more women’s bathrooms or allowing women to use men’s bathrooms for a certain amount of time. Lorber acknowledges that the human bodies differ physiologically, but they are completely transformed by social practices to fit into the main categories of a society. As a result, we see two discrete sexes and two distinguishable genders being “male” and
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