Essay On Gay Masculinity

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Gay Masculinities This unit has been about what gay masculinity means and the struggles gay men face in society. We looked at how gay men coped living in a world that wasn’t accepting of them. How they dealt with self-hatred and the role that race plays in gay communities. In this essay I will be discussing the self-hearted that was shown in the two movies we saw: The boys in the band and Tongues untied. I will also be taking a closer look at the readings that we covered in this unit. I found it really interesting how these men in order to protect themselves used derogatory terms or jokes towards each other and towards themselves. I felt that these men used jokes as a self defense mechanism, in a sense that there is nothing anyone could say that would hurt them because they were already telling themselves and each other horrible things. I will also be discussing the affect that race has on gay masculinity and, I will be discussing on why society in a way considers gay masculinity as a failing masculinity. Self-hatred seemed like a common thing between gay men in the movie The boys In The Band. These men patricianly Michael would make fun of each other but not in a way that was funny or just friends sharing inside jokes, but in a way that would truly hurt someone’s feelings. In a deeming and degrading kind of way. This joking would go far more than just friends playing around it was what they thought about themselves deep inside, because of what society though of them. In this film the characters are gathered together to celebrate their friends birthday. These characters have different personality and different things that they dislike about themselves. Through out this party Michael would make little jokes about almost all of... ... middle of paper ... ...een as woman and there is nothing masculine about women. Women are feminine therefore gay men are feminine; they have feminine traits rather than masculine traits. This unit delta with the struggles that gay man faced trying to live in a society where they were seen as less then men. We discussed the self-hatred they felt because of the way they felt abut themselves. Wanting to be someone they were not just to be accepted. We also looked at African American community and how they treated African American men who were gay. How African American gays were put in a spot where their loyalties were tested, they had to chose if they were gay or black, they had to deal with discrimination from their own race and from the gay community. We also dealt with the idea that being a gay man meant not being masculine. That being gay somehow took away from how much a man one is.
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