Essay On Freedom Equality And Justice

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This essay will talk about the meanings of freedom, equality and justice. It will also address that why these ideas are matter, by exploring the context of these meanings. . The word liberalism comes from a Latin word `liber`, which means a class of free men (Heywood, 2012). According to Hoffman and Graham (2015), liberalism became the world`s dominant ideology (Hoffman & Graham, 2015). Liberalism gives priority to `the right` over `the good` (Heywood, 2012). The concept of political freedom is sharply relevant to the concept of civil liberties and human rights. The base of democratic society is that the state has to stand for every citizen`s freedom with any available resource, such as institutional, legal or moral.
Liberalism has a set of
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Justice is about giving someone what he deserves (Heywood, 2012). According to Heywood(2012), “Justice is a moral standard of fairness and impartiality…” (Heywood, 2012, p. 33). Liberal theory of justice is based on a belief of equality (Heywood, 2012). Equal opportunity means that employment and services should be equally accessible for everyone. The two principles of justice are stand for to match society`s judgements about what is just and unjust (Farrelly, 2004).
One of the leading political philosophers, John Rawls` foundational idea was that justice is a demand of fairness. Fairness is a demand for impartiality (Sen, 2010). His work, Theory of Justice (1970) is based on the idea of justice and fairness, and he argues that it is the basic structure of society (Hoffman & Graham, 2015). Rawls presents justice as fairness as a `political conception of justice` (Farrelly, 2004). In his Theory of Justice there are two main principles of justice. The first is equal liberty, means that each individual has the right to free speech, to vote or fair trial. The second ones are equal opportunity, and difference principle (Hoffman & Graham, 2015). It is also known as distributive economic justice. Rawls argued that however every human beings are born equal, sometimes they end up being unequal because of the social circumstances they grow up in, and the different opportunities they get (Boucher & Kelly, 2009). These different circumstances can result in unequal earnings and wealth distribution. Income inequality undermining the aim of equal opportunity. Child poverty is a global issue, according to the National Equality Panel report (Child Poverty Action Group,
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