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Foreign Policy Free Trade: While it's economic benefits are discussed constantly, free trade has been known to produce large amounts and consistent amounts of peace. In the 19th century, Europe experienced a remarkably long period of peace. Key to this “golden age” was the decision of the British Parliament to repeal virtually all tariffs and other restrictions on trade with foreign nations. After that, most of Europe joined England in this free trading, lasting for more than half a century. However, Politicians, for selfish motives, don’t always agree with what is working and what the public favors. Nations such as Germany began to have restrictions on foreign trade, and French economist Frederic Bastiat warned, "when goods don't cross borders, soldiers may,” This is just what happened, militarism and secret allies took over free trade and the whole continent of Europe went to war in one of the most pointless wars of all time in World War I, and also caused the destruction and chaos caused by World War II. Without free trade, nations get nothing but war. The United States of America does benefit from being a huge free trade zone internally, externally politicians have been reckless in restrictions and tariffs. Perhaps the biggest example of this is the smoot-hawley tariff issued by president Hoover. This caused an international trade war almost destroying international commerce, the Great Depression, and the previously elluded to, World War II. Armed Neutrality: The military budget of the US, approximately $700 billion, is roughly the same as the military budgets from every country in the world. If the US military budget were to be cut in half, it would still be the largest budget in the world, if it were cut in half again, ... ... middle of paper ... ...nti-terrorism is to take all US troops out of the middle east, stop changing and overthrowing middle eastern governments, and stop the government-to-government aid currently done by the US government. Peace: It is time for the US to not only take its troops out of the middle east, but everywhere around the globe such as Europe and the Pacific, its time to drop all barriers on trade and travel, and turn foes into allies. Polls taken elsewhere around the globe consistently indicate that people around the world have respect for and favor American citizens far over the US government and admire America’s consistent productivity and a land of opportunity. America as a whole once had that great and honorable reputation and we have a great opportunity to restore peace and unity in our country as well as the world by restoring that great and honorable reputation.

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