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Introduction A forklift truck (or a forklift) is a powered industrial truck used to lift and move loads/materials for short distances. Forklifts have become indispensable equipment in today’s manufacturing and warehousing operations. Usage of forklift system: • Construction Sites Industrial forklifts are very important on construction sites, as transport heavy building materials over fairly long distances, across rough terrain. • Warehouses Forklift systems are used for loading and unloading trucks and for transporting goods. • Recycling Operations Forklifts are used in recycling operations for unloading the recycling trucks or containers and transporting their contents to the sorting bays. • Dockyards Forklifts are used for transporting large containers from delivery trucks to dockside storage areas, and to the ships. They are also useful for carrying shipments of heavy materials. • Snow Plows The forklift can clear out snow from the parking lot and operating areas so that business and working is not disrupted by severe weather conditions. This Forklift System is designed to make the process of stocking efficient while decreasing unnecessary work related spending. A CAD (Computer Aided Designing) model forklift is being used to demonstrate the feasibility of the project. Project objective is designing and analysis of a forklift system with the help of CAD (computer aided designing) tools. Forklift system is a complex designing system consists of various movable parts. Designing of such system takes a lot of time and effort from designer. But by utilizing CAD tools, we are able to reduce the time applied and effort. The non-CAD designing becomes a tiresome process in which entire part is designed without keeping in mind the re... ... middle of paper ... ...lift conditions during loading and under stress. These factors are:- • Model information • Material properties • Loads and fixtures • Mesh information • Von Mises Stress Automatic controls are generally provided by help of micro controllers and sensors. The Automatic control utilizes micro-controllers called AVRs,many sensors, and various motors. The AVRs, one in the forklift is programmed with the required algorithms needed to run. Infrared (IR) sensors are used for navigation to follow painted lines on the ground, as well as pallet detection and to see if the forklift falls over. Two loads switches, one in each fork, are used to detect a load on the forks. The project, while designing forklift system, promotes: • reduce monetary and excess cost • improved quality • Less errors and defect generation • Detailed analysis • Automatic control system • Time management
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