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Present vs. Past: Forensic Science Forensic science is specialized in finding proof and evidence to analyze and search for clues. When crimes are done, criminals frequently leave behind evidence at the crime scene. Crime Investigators (AKA- CSIs) and Medical Examiners (MEs) the inspect the evidence left at the crime scene for leads to who did what. They try and rebuild the scene using the evidence and proof that they have. Forensic science has played a great role in finding evidence for crimes in history because it helps find the person who did wrong, the perpetrator, and it helps bring justice to the case. Forensics now are better than before because technological advances like DNA testing has been made, which takes forensics to a whole new level. What is DNA? DNA is deoxriybonucleic acid which is a molecule that is in a double-helix structure described by James Watson and Francis Crick in 1953. DNA contains our genetic code which is composed of triphosphate molecules, which are also known as the ‘building blocks’ of DNA. There are four bases included in the DNA molecule they are called the four nitrogenous bases. The bases are Thymine, adenine, guanine (purines), thymine and cytosine (pyrimidines) ( This shows that DNA isn’t so easy to understand, there is certain bases to make up the DNA molecule. This is important because it helps compose the pieces to DNA and helps find traces to the victim. “The more useful sources include blood, semen, vaginal fluid, nasal secretions and hair with roots” ( This quote is important because it singles out the most occurrence of DNA. In order for DNA testing to take place scientists will have t... ... middle of paper ... ...Mrs. Hiller found her husband dead. Investigators found some particles of sand and gravel by the daughters bed. They also found the fingerprints of the convicted killer Thomas Jennings, on the Hiller homes railings. Mr.Hiller had painted the railings hours before his death. Into the paint was four fingerprints of someone’s left hand. American Law enforcement had already adopted the principle of fingerprinting so the evidence was allowed to be presented in court. Fingerprinting expert William M. Evans had agreed that Jennings hand, his alone, was the prints left on the railing of the Miller’s home. The courts jury appealed Miller as guilty and he was later hanged. Fingerprinting is fairly new and they’ve helped find the culprit in many investigations carried out in America, therefore proving that our methods in solving crimes are better than the methods used before.

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