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American Identity and Food’s: Blessing or a Curse Is American identity and food a blessing or a curse? Do you know what’s in your food before it goes in your child’s mouth? Do you know what G.M.O’s are? Today, there are so many avenues to get something to eat from fast food, food trucks, and even restaurants. People are finding new way to eat healthier, be more aware of what they eat, and changing their lifestyle when it comes to food. In mainstream culture, celebrities like Beyoncé, Prince, and Ariana Grande have glamorized this new diet, creating a fad behind this movement. Vegetarians and vegans are the characteristics best associated with the divine food ideology of treating animals with respect. Similarly, our origin of food is formed…show more content…
There are families that have home cooked meals when times premise it. In some cultures, home cooked meals are a must no matter what is going on they all meet at the table at a certain time. With the foods that are put on the table tradition takes font and certain it is the Identity of our culture. Soul food is the tradition in African American families, Mexican foods are the tradition in a Latino family, and Chinese foods are the tradition in a Chinese families etc. Because there are so many fast foods place, food trucks, and restaurants are available to get something fast and quite. Now, there are more healthy places to eat like the salad bar, vegan eateries, and juice bars. More and more families are choosing to become vegetarians or vegans to fix their life style, but public health institutions often find themselves at odds with vegan parents over the lack of milk and dairy products in their young child’s…show more content…
By doing my own research on Dr. Huber and living with an autistic child, I had to make some of my own changes. I began my own tradition starting with my family, because he was a picky eater. For instance, he would not eat red meat. If someone had given it to him his stomach will blow up, he would have severe pain, and he will be constipated. After, couple of times this had happen to him, I took him to the doctor she inform me he can’t eat certain types of foods because he is autistic. Some Autistic children eat the same foods every day and you could not change it. They would have a tantrum or become sick. Case in point for my child Abijah when it came to red meats and on some days or when I cook certain types of foods he would not eat chicken, I found myself cooking more and more fish and ground turkey or no meat at all. He would crave junk foods, and I had to put a stop to that immediately by making him a earn treat. In picky eater Julia Alvarez finally achieved liberation from monitored eating in college. Julia Alvarez said, “Students had to be on the meal plan, unless they had special dietary needs. A group of my friends applied to cook their own macrobiotic meals in a college house kitchen, and I joined them. I soon discovered vegetarianism was a picky eater’s godsend” (pg.

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