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MOST PREFERRED FLOOR FURNISHING MATERIALS Flooring is one of the most important decisions you have to make when it comes to decorating your home. There are different types of flooring materials available in the market and at the end of the day it is always your decision which finalizes how your house floor will look. The type of flooring material you pick could make a significant difference in the appearance and finishing of your house. Some of the most preferred flooring options are discussed below: HARDWOOD FLOORING Hardwood is one of the most sought flooring material as it is both beautiful and durable. It is generally milled from a single piece of timber. Oak, walnut, maple and hickory are some common types of wood used for hardwood…show more content…
They are also chemically resistant and do not absorb stains. This makes them easy to clean and make them ideal to be used in moist environments such as bathrooms and kitchen. When installed properly on a leveled platform, they can last for many years. And if due to any accident, a tile gets cracked, then it can be easily replaced without disturbing the adjoining tiles. LAMINATE FLOORING Laminate flooring is a very recent entrant to the market of flooring. The laminate flooring has a protection of plastic coating on the top and backed by other layers of plywood or compressed fibers. It can look like real wood or even appear like any natural stone. They can easily be installed over the existing flooring without using nails or glue. The laminates have a strong and durable surface that can easily resist burns, stains and fading. However the laminate surface cannot be refinished and can be scratched easily. They also become slippery when wet. The laminates have a significant popularity among the customers as it is less expensive and requires almost no maintenance. CARPET
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