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The five senses are prominent things which our lives revolve around; many are not fortunate enough to have all five senses. All humans who are gifted with all five senses often take it for granted, as these things are a natural part of us when we’re born. However, that doesn’t exclude thankfulness. Those who experience life without hearing, taste, touch, small, and sight face a great feat. When posed the question, “Which sense could you live without?” many people consider their options, which of these do I depend on the most? Which of these are the things that get me through rough days? It is almost a national consensus that most people do not want to lose their sight or hearing, yet those are the two most common senses to lose. So, when given …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that most people don't want to lose sight or hearing, yet those are the two most common senses. they examine the consequences of losing a certain sense.
  • Opines that losing one's sense of taste would be the least tragic of all. many people learn through visuals, and hearing is another major learning sense.
  • Explains that losing taste is an imperial option because it would virtually prevent obesity. this compulsive eating comes from the satisfaction of taste humans get.
  • Explains that losing one's sense of taste would prevent criticism of the cooking skills of others.
  • Concludes that all five senses are critically important to each person's lifestyle, and that losing taste would be the best option if a decision had to be made.

It sounds silly, doesn’t it? On the contrary, it really isn’t. Think of the last time you had a piece of cake, a tall glass of eggnog, or couldn’t put the bag of Oreos down? Why is it? This compulsive eating comes from the satisfaction of taste humans get. Often when eating junk food such as extra cheesy Doritos, the powder on the chip releases a chemical in our brain that tells us to keep going. Horrifying, right? However, not only would not having to deal with taste be helpful in weight control and overeating, it would be helpful in the category of healthy foods. Honestly, when was the last time you had a craving for brussels sprouts, carrots, or that dark, bitter, but ever-so-healthy Romaine lettuce? Not often. Many people go on ‘health kicks,’ in which they get very healthy for a few days or weeks, but often fall back into bad habits. With no sense of taste, there would be no reason to eat junk food, but every reason to eat those healthy greens your mother tried to shove down your throat. If you didn’t like certain meats, vegetables, or fruits it wouldn’t matter, because you would not be able to taste them! Ergo, eating up on all healthy foods, having a diet consisting of nothing other than healthy foods, would lead to a long, sustained, and energetic …show more content…

For instance, if a man, who had no sense of taste, married a woman who wasn’t the greatest cook, it wouldn’t matter. This could also lead to the saving of money, as many couples who aren’t good in the kitchen often eat out and spend their money on fancy restaurants and fast food; this unhealthy lifestyle was aforementioned in that not having taste may prevent it. Many people are put down and degraded because of their cooking skills. Though not all of us want to be master chefs, it still hurts our feelings when we procure something that doesn’t meet the standards. Not only does this go for food, but anything in life. If one were to lose or not be born with their sense of taste, it would prevent the offending of their close friends and family, keeping those, who try so hard to please, colleague’s self-esteem intact. As we all know, self-esteem is a major part of life which often motivates us to make the positive decisions we do. As a result of losing your sense of taste, hurting others and criticizing their cooking or food choice would not be necessary. It would be very simple to keep a smile on your face at dinner time and avoid spitting the over-cooked roast into your

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