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First Aid is the initial care for an illness or injury. First Aid is usually performed in emergency situations by a non-professional person. First Aid can be performed on animals although it is generally meant for the care of humans. Going back to the beginning of the practice of First Aid, it was first practiced by the religious knights in the Eleventh Century. Care was provided to the Pilgrims and Knights as well as training on how to care for common battle wounds. Aid came to a halt during the High Middle Ages and organizations were not seen again until 1859. A few years later, a few nations met in Geneva and formed what we know to be the Red Cross. The main purpose of the Red Cross was to give Aid to the sick and wounded soldiers during battle. In 1878, the formation of St. John Ambulance was put into effect. The ambulance was generally for aid to people in emergencies. Large railway centers, mining districts and police forces were the first to pair with ambulances. Also in 1878 the concept of teaching First Aid to civilians was announced. Surgeon-Major Peter Shepherd and Dr. Coleman performed the first First Aid class with a curriculum that they had formed. First Aid training began to grow in the UK with high risk activities.
There are three major aims of First Aid. The first major aim is obviously to preserve a person’s life. Throughout medical care institutions, the main aim is to save lives and minimize the threat of death. The second major aim of First Aid is to prevent further harm to patients. The aim is to keep the injury from worsening. An example of this would be applying pressure to a wound to stop bleeding from becoming dangerous. The third and final major aim of First Aid is to promote reco...

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...ause it can cause harm to the infant’s lungs. If an infant requires shock, one pad goes on the front and one pad goes on the back. You should keep performing CPR until EMS arrives. If you begin CPR you cannot quit until they arrive, you have already committed to that victim.
In some situations with and AED you need to take precautions to make them work properly. If a person is very sweaty or wet, you need to wipe them off because the AED will not work properly. If a person has a hairy chest, you should apply pads and rip the hair off and then apply new pads. Some people have chest piercings now so if you notice these you should remove them or leave them in if you cannot remove them or you do not have enough time. Piercings in the chest can cause a person’s chest to be burned severely since the AED is delivering an electric shock and the jewelry is metal.

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