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The difference between old and new helmets, changes in turnout gear and other equipment used to fight fire, plus the history of firefighting is discusses in the research paper. Turnout Gear is the term used for pants and coats worn by firefighters today. More understanding on how fires burn , better fire proof clothing, and technology in equipment has changed over the years that these improvements have saved lives and helped in the safety aspect of fighting structure fires.
Firefighting started in Roman times. In the 1600’s firefighters had to deal with heat, fire, and a toxic smoke. Most structure fires burn to the ground because they did not have the Equipment to fight the fire as the departments have today. In 1863 Henry T. Gratacap created the first fire helmet. The design was a reinforced dome-shape leather helmet with a front shield and brim rolling to a long back tail. This made if safe for the heads of the firefighters. In the old days, firefighters used a long fire coat that was made of wool and they wore long boots like hip waders with a fire helmet. In 1825, a miner name John Roberts made a mask to help filter smoke inside a smoke field environment (Hasenmeier).
The jackets were not the same as the fire fighters wear today. One reason is that the fire fighter never entered the structures as is done today. Normal clothes were worn because the fighter never came in contact with the fire. The “Three-quarters” boots were used back then to protect the legs while the trench coat was long which protected the upper part of the body. The trench coat was made from rubber, leather, or canvas and line with wool or cotton. Warmth and dry was the reason that the coats were lined. The jacket that the fire fighter wore ...

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...rker can walk into a fire service building and be treated the same way that the firefighters treat the men and women that work in their own department and will be shown the same loving care they would get. To some people this means a lot because if a fire fighter went through a rough time the fighter knew that within the brotherhood at any department the other guys would understand their thoughts and bad feelings.
From old equipment to today’s most modern technology equipment fire fighters have been able to save more lives and structures than in any time in history. We still have fire fighters lost as well as people from the community being killed everyday due to fires. The fire service need to educate the public more about the dangers of fires and until the fire fighters are able to save every life involved with a fire, the fire service still has much work to do.
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