Essay On Final Reflection

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Final Reflection When given the task of identifying a social issue and devising a solution, I will admit, my faith in myself and my group could have been stronger. Prior to this project, my group members and I had never interacted, much less spoken, talked to each other. With that being said, I truly lucked out being put in a group with Althea, Matthew, and Jose. A more different group of people could not have been thrown together, but I think that perhaps we worked so well together because of our varied opinions, ideas, and backgrounds. Coming from such diverse backgrounds, however, created an issue when trying to decide upon a topic about which to do our project. Basically, the only thing we all had in common is that we are all students here at the University of San Diego. After establishing a baseline of commonality, we moved onto issues which affect our shared demographic; student debt and the inability to afford education, especially at an institution such as this one, stood out as the most prominent issue. Though we did not devise a plan to completely…show more content…
Having the opportunity to be surrounded by such excellent student leaders twice a week while receiving direction from President Harris is an unparalleled experience at USD. It usually takes me some time to open up and add my voice to the classroom conversation, but next semester does not worry me because a Gabe and Victoria from this section will also be there. In Emerging Leaders, we have learned about how to look introspectively and hone one’s own leadership skills, but in the next class I look forward to analyzing cases of leadership and understanding what works and what does not. If this class goes well, I plan on adding a leadership minor to my degree. With a minor in leadership, I believe my resume would be much more attractive to employers after studying leadership
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