Essay On Federalist 10

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Writing Assignment #3: Federalist #10
The primary problem Madison addresses in this essay is that Madison felt that factions could be dangerous, meaning violent and could cause damage. One of the stronger arguments favoring the Constitution establishes a government very capable of controlling these factions.
Madison defines factions as a group of people who gather to protect and promote their special economic interests and political opinions. According to Madison, factions can either be a majority or minority. These factions work against each other, ultimately leading to the work against public interest. Basically, factions are political parties, because people are acting on common passions or interests.
Madison mentions two ways to solve/control the problem of factions: to remove its causes or to control its effects. There are, then, two ways of removing the causes of factions. You could destroy liberty all together, or make every person believe and feel the same way. Madison mentioned that destroying liberty would be worse than having the factions themselves. Madiso...
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