Essay On Federalism

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Different countries have different forms of government. There is anything from monarchies to theocracies and everything in between. The United States falls under a federal from of government. Federalism is a concept of government in which a group of members are bound by a covenant. This is also a form of representative government meaning that the citizens vote for the people they want to be represented by in congress, the president, their mayor, their school board members, etc. Everyone in a position of power is there because the citizens decided that him or her should hold that spot. Because the members (states) are considered individual governments and separate from the federal government, they make their own laws with exceptions to a few…show more content…
Texas’ Universities are already over populated and having non-residents pay resident rates will only harm education in the long run. There would end up being more students than resources lowering the value of education as a whole. Not only does it harm the educational system, but it also unfair to international students. These students spend anywhere from four to eight years studying in Texas’ school, yet they are expected to pay almost twice as much as everyone else. In many cases, international kids graduate high school and continued on to college and are still expected to pay the outrageous tuition rates for international students even though they had lived in the state for many years. On the other hand, students who are here illegally and graduate high school and go on to go to college pay the same as citizens of the country just because they lack any legal immigration status. The governor’s actions are not discriminating against any group nor is it damaging the state in any form. If anything his actions are ought to improve education by providing more funding for the universities and also make any non-resident seem more equal by not giving any advantages to illegal immigrants whom wish to pursue a college
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