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Fats and lipids are important parts of the diet and nutrition that bodies can’t live without; however, the body only requires small amounts of fat to function well. As a result, consuming too much fat can cause serious health problems like obesity, high blood pressure and cholesterol. Eating a lot of food that contains a high lipid content can cause cardiovascular problems, and heart diseases. Without fat, organs are more likely to get damaged. Lipids make up the body structure and function living cells. Without lipids, the body would not be able to digest and absorb food correctly. Lipids are fat like substances that are found in blood and body tissues. Lipids are an important part of the membrane that surrounds every cell in the body, and they are also components of the nervous system. Good lipids activate genes and burn the calories they also increase the metabolism, and improve the insulin activity. Fats are important because they help the intestines absorb vitamins into the body. Fats provide structural components for cell membranes in the brain.Consuming too much fat from unhealthy food can cause the unused calories to be stored in the body and cause weight gain. Fats can cause obesity, and can be led off by breathing difficulties. Consuming too much fat can cause the body to have painful inflammation and stiffness in the body, also known as arthritis. Eating food with high lipid contents can cause obesity. An excess amount of blood lipids cause fat deposits in artery walls and can increase the risk of heart disease. Lipid fats are important to the body because they provide protective layers in the liver and kidneys. They also store energy, and lipids help communicate with the body by sending signals. There are differe... ... middle of paper ... the cell membrane and cover the nerves. They are also needed for the body because they are used for blood clotting and any muscle movement. Omega-3 fish oil pills are used to help lower the risk of heart diseases. In conclusion, fats and lipids are important for the human body; however, only certain amounts of fats and lipids should be consumed for the body to function well. As a result, consuming foods with high fat and lipid levels can cause serious health problems to the human body. There are different types of lipids that are good and bad for the body. There are also different types of fats that are good and bad for the body. If the body does not consume enough fats or lipids it can cause health problems. Without fats or lipids the body will have a low metabolism. That’s why it is important to have diet that contains foods with low fat and lipid levels.

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